September 16

Today Abigail is 3 weeks old.  I can't believe how fast the weeks are going by.  Sorry I haven't gotten any pictures on sooner I have been just a little busy!  But here are a few of Abbey's firsts, first bath at home, first walk, first time in her swing and first time napping in her huge crib.  Oh and her very first time she was naughty.  :)

Here are some more visitors and other cute pictures of our baby girl!

September 20

This past weekend was pretty busy it was Dozinky weekend in New Prague and Steve was playing softball so we went to one of his games.  Well she got hungry so only in New Prague do you nurse by a ton of kegs!  Steve had to take my picture cause he thought it was hilarious!  So here it is.

Here is a cute picture of her in her fleece outfit getting ready to go to the parade on Friday evening.


And today we had a photo shoot with her and Cody we may need to try it again but here are a few!




Abigail Elizabeth

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