October 19, 2005

I know it has been quite a while since I added any pictures so I have a ton.  Steve and I went to the Wisconsin Minnesota game at the Metrodome last Saturday it was an awesome game!!  Abigail woke me up that morning and I went to change her and she peed all over herself before I got the diaper on, so I decided I was going to put her in her Wisconsin outfit even though it was too big and take her back to bed with her Daddy!  :)  He didn't like the outfit so much but he let her wear it (because he knows who the better team is!!)  Anyways here is a picture of the 3 of us before the game.  We put a Minnesota bib on her to be fair and as you can see in the picture she didn't like that bib.

Abbey started smiling this month so I had a little photo shoot to try to capture a smile!

Abigail usually has a screaming fit every night so we need to carry her around or put her in her swing to calm her down.  So here is a picture with her and Steve at a calm time. :)

Here are some pictures with my cousin Oliver.

Here is Abigail's first bottle and her first visit with her Great Granny and Great Aunt.

Abigail's first wedding her dress didn't stay on too long she made a mess when I was changing her again!

More pictures from October.

Playing with my cousin Oliver & Grandma and Grandpa.

Here are some with my Auntie and a silly one with my Great Granny's birthday flowers!

My Mommy is still trying to capture a smile on camera but we still haven't gotten a good one but here is another small photo shoot!

Look I am a big girl I can hold my own nuk!

My Daddy went hunting so Mommy and I went to Eau Claire to spend some time with Grandma, Grandpa, Oliver and my Auntie Beth!

My Grandpa went to the Badger game so I had my Wisconsin outfit on for him!

Now here is our sneak peek of Halloween!  We couldn't wait!!

I am the cutest peanut ever!!

This is the only thing keeping me from crying!

Don't shut this vacuum off I swear I will scream!

Here I am with my Grandma & Great Grandma!

Here are some more fun pictures from the weekend!

I finally got to meet Michelle and Kristy they were great!  I stopped crying as soon as Michelle picked me up!

I really like Kristy!

She liked me so much she said she is going to have 10 babies!

Here I am in my vibrating chair this, the vacuum and the hair dryer are the only things that keep me from screaming at night!  I can't believe it took my Mommy and Daddy this long to figure it out!

Well we made it through Halloween but she wasn't a very happy peanut so we didn't get too many pictures!  My Grandma also came to visit me and she brought me my first doll from my Auntie Erika's new toy store!  My Grandma also captured my first smile on camera!

Here is my first smile caught on camera!

Here I am getting a bath during my fussy time.  I really liked my bath so I decided not to fuss!

Here are some more pictures from the weekend with Grandma Linda!

Oops I made a big mess.  Look at the 3rd picture! :)

Here is my cousin Simon all dressed up for Halloween.  He was a bear and a giraffe!  Lucky guy!

This is why my costume didn't stay on too long! :)


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