November 23

Wow it has been a long time since I put any updates on here!  Sorry!  We have been very busy!  But it has been a fun month!  Abbey now weighs 8 lb 10 oz.  It is about time she has started packing on a few onces!  I have to say the fussiness is starting to go away and it is a HUGE improvement but it isn't quite gone!  Here are some pictures for the month!  Happy Thanksgiving!!


I went to the New Prague state football game and I got all bundled up!  I don't even fit in my snowsuit yet! 

We started getting the house all decked out for Christmas and I loved this snowman that laughs and my Mommy and Daddy put these silly candy cane ears on me!! 

My Auntie, Oliver, my Mom and I went to the Mall of America it was mine and Ollie's first time there!  We had so much fun especially at Lego Land.  Lunch got a little messy when Oliver spilt diet coke all over himself!

We went to Thanksgiving at my Grandma JoAnn's on Sunday everyone loved playing with me and holding me!  Look at me in my cute outfit from my Auntie Erika I was in my swing and loving it!  I fit a lot better in there too now that I am getting bigger!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh one more quick thing.  My fish are having babies here is one you can see it hiding under the rock!  We will keep you updated on how many babies hatch! :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here are some pictures from the great weekend!


Abigail Elizabeth

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