December 10, 2005

We have been so busy that I haven't updated my website since Thanksgiving.  Don't forget to look back in November for new pictures. 

We all headed down to Madison for Mitchell's 21st birthday and had a BLAST here are some fun pictures! :)

Grandma Linda came to visit me too we had a lot of fun shopping and celebrating Christmas.


Abigail loves to take baths in the big bath with the jets!  Here are some cute pictures!

Here are some pictures of Abbey's 1st Christmas!

December 26, 2005

Happy 4 month birthday Abbey!!  Wow it has been a crazy 4 months!  For everyone who may not know we have been going in for tests because Abbey has had a "bark" cry since she was born and she hasn't been gaining a lot of weight either.  So on Friday Abigail had a procedure done to see what was causing that noise.  Well they put her to sleep and took a look down pretty much every tube you could look in and found that her wind pipe is 50 to 75% closed.  The doctors are 99% sure that it is a heart artery that is pressing up against it and they think this is a big reason why she isn't gaining weight, because she is burning so many calories while she is breathing.   So we go in for more tests tomorrow and they may have to do an MRI to see exactly what is pressing up against her wind pipe.  We will keep you updated for sure but we won't know more until tomorrow!  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers hopefully they will not have to do surgery on the poor little one!   Here are some pictures of our hospital night stay Steve slept in the window sill and I slept in a pull out chair.  Not the best night sleep we have ever had! :)

We will keep you posted!

January 5, 2005  

 We have an update.  The doctor just called and he saw on the CT scan what he thought he would see her heart artery is pressing against her trachea.  He said right now she does not need to have surgery but we go in for a check up on January 27 to check her weight and see how she sounds.  If she doesn't gain weight she will probably have to have surgery or if anything happens before then, we also have to make sure she doesn't' t get a cold because that may cause her to have respiratory distress.  So we just need to beef her up we will start feeding her bacon fat! JK  So that is all we know for now we go in for a weight check with her regular doctor tomorrow!  Lets hope she weighs in big!!  We hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures from last week we went to Eau Claire to visit everyone since Mitchell is leaving for Italy today!  We will miss him!  Oh and Abbey's mouth is purple because she had thrush again and the medicine turns her mouth purple! 


Abigail Elizabeth

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